About Us


COBRA Self Defense Systems Birmingham is female-owned and operated by me, T. Jones., a retired Police Officer with 20 years of extensive security, investigative, and law enforcement experience in the Birmingham area. I thrive on empowering women and children and all people on all levels to protect themselves and anyone who believes in being prepared for the unknown. T. Jones is certified as an ALICE Active Shooter Response Instructor and a Verbal De-escalation & Influence Instructor. Contact us today for a fun but serious high energy self-defense training. Whether it is for a girls’ night out, realtor safety training, kids anti-bullying /anti abduction, or students going away to college self-defense and awareness training, I look forward to meeting all people from all walks of life. T. Jones

My law enforcement background includes :

  • Corporate Security
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Alabama DHR Interstate Child Support Enforcement Caseworker
  • Law Enforcement Patrol Supervisor
  • 911 Emergency Call Center Supervisor
  • Robbery Detective
  • U.S. Marshall’s Sex Offender Task Force
  • Undercover Narcotics Detective
  • Undercover Vice Detective
  • Field Training Officer
  • Patrol Officer

About C.O.B.R.A.™ Self-Defense System Creator Chris Sutton

Chris’ extensive martial arts training as well as his law enforcement experience dealing with real criminals have given him highly unique insights into the reality of self-defense. Chris has used this expertise to create the acclaimed C.O.B.R.A.™ reality-based self-defense system, as well as influencing his other martial arts programs, fitness programs & books.

Chris is a Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Black Belt and has trained in numerous Asian/ American Martial Art systems earning multiple ranks. After many years in the Asian arts, Chris studied under Heavyweight World Champion Kick Boxer Jim Graden, with further influence from the legendary champion Joe Lewis in the Elite Kickboxing System earning another Black Belt.

Named to Prestigious Martial Arts Teachers’ Association Board of Advisors

Chris Sutton has recently joined such well known martial arts stars like Frank Shamrock, Jhoon Rhee, and Joe Lewis as a Martial Arts Teachers’ Association (MATA) board member.

MATA founder John Graden says, “Adding Chris Sutton to the board puts him in some big-time company. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel he has earned it. Together, we are going to bring unique information in C.O.B.R.A.™ defense to the martial arts teachers worldwide.” More info here.

A.C.M.A. Accreditation

Chris Sutton is a certified A.C.M.A. Martial Arts Instructor and a lifetime Professional Martial Artist with over 20 years of training and teaching experience.

The A.C.M.A. (American Council on Martial Arts Education) certification is given and endorsed through the Coopers Research Institute and N.A.P.M.A. (National Association of Professional Martial Artist).

In the field of martial arts and self-defense education, these accreditation’s are recognized as one of the highest and most professional certifications.

Chris has become a lifetime student of professional martial arts and self-defense training, philosophy, and continuous education. He is a member of M.A.T.A., the Martial Arts Teachers Association. Chris has also trained and collaborated with Hall of Fame Martial Artist Sifu Brian Spiegel.

Summary of Additional Professional Experience

  • Certified and Experienced Law Enforcement Officer, City, and County
  •  Deputy Sheriff – Patrol Operations
  • Corrections Officer – Maximum Security / Special Operations Division
  • Boot Camp Drill Instructor- Law Enforcement Division
  • Founder – COBRA-DEFENSE International / COBRA Fighting Systems
  • Creator COBRA Fit Kickboxing
  • Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Black Belt
  • Elite Kickboxing Blackbelt – Jim Graden
  • World Championship Martial Arts Black Belt – Jim Graden
  • Founder Self-Defense Professional Magazine
  • Creator of The Active Shooter Response Plan & Bully Response Plan
  • Head Instructor United MA Academy
  • 15 Time Gold Medalist in the I.L.E.G. Olympic Games
  • Self-defense Representative at AT & T Stadium , Kids Day America
  • Author, The Psychology of Self Defense & The Fight For Success Series
  • Author, You Can’t Tap Out in Real Life